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Why it’s unwise to compare journalists of yesterday and today

I am not immune to indulging in nostalgia, as my recent lament to regional newspapers’ vanishing printing presses shows. So I will cut Pat Prentice a little slack for his tribute to his friend and colleague David Watts. It is comforting … Continue reading

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You don’t get clicks without good words

It was inspiring to hear Sun editor Tony Gallagher talk so passionately about the job. Describing his paper’s ethos, he said: “We want to take no prisoners every day, no friends, no fear or favour.” But I was most taken by his thoughts about … Continue reading

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Six simple rules for writing a good headline

THE days when journalists were schooled, apprentice-like, in the dark arts of sub-editing are all but gone from the regional press. The needs of the digital newsroom now require people to incorporate subbing into their routines regardless of their experience. … Continue reading

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