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The three most effective things to tweet

Twitter is a formidable tool, but even so I find it astonishing how quickly it has become an indispensable part of the newsroom. Who would have thought a few years ago that conservative organisations like the police and fire service … Continue reading

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Why it’s unwise to compare journalists of yesterday and today

I am not immune to indulging in nostalgia, as my recent lament to regional newspapers’ vanishing printing presses shows. So I will cut Pat Prentice a little slack for his tribute to his friend and colleague David Watts. It is comforting … Continue reading

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After 300 proud years, the presses fall silent in Worcester

For the first time in 30 years I am working for a daily newspaper that is not printed in the building where it is written and edited. The last copy of the Worcester News rolled off its ageing press in Hylton Road this summer, and more … Continue reading

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Why the craft of headline writing is as important as ever

THE DIGITAL transformation of the regional newspaper business has cost many sub-editors their jobs, yet in some respects their skills are needed more than ever. Subs (read Charlotte Baxter’s wry job description here) were once the beating heart of the newsroom. Usually journalists of … Continue reading

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Six simple rules for writing a good headline

THE days when journalists were schooled, apprentice-like, in the dark arts of sub-editing are all but gone from the regional press. The needs of the digital newsroom now require people to incorporate subbing into their routines regardless of their experience. … Continue reading

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If digital is so marvellous, why do we have to try so hard to persuade advertisers to spend online?

REGIONAL publisher Johnson Press has launched a campaign to persuade more small businesses to advertise online, according to HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk. The company is trying to address a problem that has been nagging at newspaper companies for some time. While large companies … Continue reading

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Can newspapers can make money from social media?

LIVE blogs, also known as live news pages, are one of the most engaging formats for online news, but are newspapers overlooking their commercial potential? As businesses seek to make greater use of social media marketing, these blogs could be … Continue reading

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